Lao Social Research

Local Staff

Quality Control and Database Specialist

Vethaka CHANTHONE got Bachelor degree of Marketing, Rattana Business Administration College,  2003-2008, worked on database development requirements (under supervision of MIS Specialist). Lead QC team for major survey tasks.( NamNgiep1 Project:   Social Economic Survey, BEQUAL student interviews, Baby wash household survey).

Survey Management

Sithasone LUANGRATH got Diploma in English, Special Course,  National University of Laos, Vientiane Capital,  1992-1996, over 10 years experience on social and commercial research in all province of Laos, facilitated training/briefing, prepared fieldwork’s tools and material, weekly progress report, fieldwork report, Conducted regular field visits to monitor project implementation, data quality control, data cleaning, translation.

Admin-Accountant Manager

Manosone TRAYMANY got Educational Diploma in French Language (Department of French, National University of Laos, Completed 5-month Computer and Accounting courses, responsible for entering daily expenses in company accounting system (and in Excel), responsible for various corporate management.